Criminal Law

Many students fall into the trap of getting tickets from law enforcement sooner or later. Many college students do not get in trouble but many do. College age drinking is quite common in the United States. The statistics say almost 2,000 people between 18 and 24 dies each year due to alcohol abuse. These statistics are highly subjective. The reason being is that the statistics are developed by the government and are biased to exaggerate the numbers in a way to shock the reader. However, the are a lot of heavy drinkers in college which is nothing new to anyone. There has always been heavy drinking since the beginning of alcohol consumption and always will be.

There may be a time when you or someone who you know will need to find a Lee County Tx Criminal Defense Attorney.  It could be for a Lee County DWI Lawyer or just a Lee County Texas Attorney. It may depend on what you are accused of. Drunk driving defense is a complicated area of law and requires a meticulous defense lawyer in order to gain an acquittal. Starting with fighting the stop, your attorney will need to be versed in the correct law on reasonable suspicion.

If there are drugs involved, they will need to be tested in order to determine if they are actually illegal substances. Sometimes the drugs are actually fake and not illegal substances at all. The law on possession is also a questionable dilemma as well. A drug must be in a person care, custody or control in order to be considered in possession of someone. Assault cases also bring up some interesting circumstances because a person is entitled to defend themselves from another person. Many things are possible and depending how packed Highway 290 is in Lee County or another route that you take can possibly raise the odds of being stopped by law enforcement or coming into contact another way.

Driving in Caldwell Texas

Burleson County, Texas has some major roadways. Specifically Caldwell, Tx has a major highway intersection with a lot of traffic. Highway 21 and Highway 36 intersect each other in Caldwell. Highway 21 is the main route from East Central Texas to South Central Texas. Various areas and city access require a person to drive on highway 21. There are many areas where speeding with get you a ticket or worse. With cell phone usage there are many danger areas that can possibly cause an accident. Often there are fatality accidents because of the close proximity of the lanes of travel and the speed is high. The speed limit is 75 miles per hour in much of the area. There are a lot of large tractor trailer rigs speeding around up and down the roads. You can see many truckers using cell phones believe it or not. With all that weight trucks have a problem slowing down and maneuvering. Truckers using cell phones make roads much more dangerous.

When you drive through Caldwell Texas you may need to speak to a Defense Lawyer to help smooth out your situation. A speeding ticket or expired inspection sticker can get you pulled over. After that there may be another illegal situation or circumstance that can get you in trouble.  It could be alcohol or drugs. It could be littering or some kind of assault that gets called in to the police. An accident can occur and it might not even be your fault. The police show up and you are not being asked questions. Depending on how you respond with determine your fate. If you slur words or have a problem standing up straight you will have attention drawn to yourself. You may end up taking a trip to jail if you are intoxicated by use of alcohol or drugs.