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Do I need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Do I hire a Bastrop Texas Defense Lawyer?


The issue of whether to seek legal counsel comes up often for many people. Many people are simply too poor to be able to afford legal counsel. A large percentage of citizens live paycheck to paycheck and are marginally making ends meet. Other people would rather deal with the issue on their own and save their money. Either way the cards are stacked against a person who is not accustomed to the workings of the legal system and the people who are employed by it.

There are minor situations such as speeding tickets that many people can handle on their own. The stakes are lower usually for the person. Unless the consequences cause a person to lose their ability to drive legally, the person can just pay a fine or try to get a deferred disposition to keep the infraction off of their record. The option to retain counsel might be more useful if there is a long distance between the court and where the person resides. The attorney can appear and try to resolve the ticket without the client being present in many cases.

Dealing with higher criminal cases can be much more complex for the average person. Seeking an attorney can be much more important. Looking at one particular Bastrop Criminal Attorney’s site we found many answers and insight.

We also were able to fill in the contact form in order to provide more critical information and ask questions via email. There was a phone number as well to call and speak to someone in order to schedule a consultation. The responses were very quick and also there is a facebook page as well in order to find out more law firm details and contact the attorney there as well.