DWI And Other Criminal Charges

What Makes Them Different

Driving to Houston from anywhere west or northwest of Houston will take you most likely right through Waller County Texas. There are 2 major highways that travel through Waller County. Hempstead, Tx is the county seat of the county. It has the usual older courthouse that has a lot of the county departments officing there. Many people have been arrested on the roadways of Waller County for various reasons. Many people have been taken to jail in Hempstead for Driving While Intoxicated in Waller County.  This can have either been from alcohol or drugs or a combination of the two making a person eligible to be placed under arrest.

Other reason for arrest besides a DWI are various. They can be anywhere from a person having warrants out for their arrest to driving a stolen vehicle. Sometimes the reason can be that owner or driver of the car had some sort of drugs in the vehicle. Other times there is domestic violence that occurs either in the car or alongside the roadway. Some people are arrested at convenience stores or gas stations for theft or assault. Reckless driving can be another reason that a person gets arrested. Driving at a tremendously excessive rate of speed causing a grave danger to others can result in incarceration.

It seems in court that DWI takes a large part of court docket but there is usually another part of the docket that has various other offenses.